Built for Superfans

Vault allows artists to turn their music and box sets into limited run collectible ready to sell to super fans. Artists get over 80% of the revenue on sales, and fans receive a unique digital collectible that they can buy, own and trade.

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Exclusive Digital Music Collectibles

Each Drop also comes with exclusive bonus content from the Artist

Token-gated App

Once fans purchase the music, Artists can give them access to exclusive content in the Vault App.

Digital Collectibles
Personal Music Library
Expandable Bonus Content
Encrypted Music Player
Browse Music

Fans Get

Unique and rare music + visual collectibles

Ability to resell items in their collections

Proof of ownership on chain

Exclusive content regular fans can’t access

Artists Get

Simple Web3 music drops fully supported by the Vault

80-90% of sales directly (no middle men)

Downloads that contribute to chart placements

Perpetual revenue from sales on secondary markets

Don’t just take it from us

see what our top Creator and her fans say


“Being able to share exclusive content through VAULT along with providing an opportunity for my fans to choose which special songs I perform as a surprise in the set each night gives the FLETCH Fam in each city the show of their dreams.”

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DMCs Sold

This is so amazing! I can’t wait to see what everyone picks for Boston, I know which im gonna pick

it's me, hi 💫

I'm just obsessed with this concept as a whole.. exactly what every fan wants. Nice move! 🙌

my jaw just dropped pls this is such a good idea !!!

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